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Children's Edition of A Squirrel We Call Sneakers (Squirrel & The Hound) by Shawn & Jael Rainbolt, with Andrew A. Szabo and G. Scott Van Der Mout


  At the end of a long, long, long day, and even longer country road, walked a squirrel. In fact, his nickname is “Sneakers.” 

  This is the story of how the squirrel got his name…

  One day, the squirrel was walking along the road when he heard in the distance, “Your feet would hurt less, if you stopped walking bare-pawed!” The squirrel looked around and around and finally saw a chipmunk rambling down the road. The squirrel didn't understand what he meant. So, he stopped foraging for acorns to chase after the chipmunk. 

  “What do you mean by what you said, chipmunk?” the squirrel asked.

  “You have bare paws!” the chipmunk replied as he squatted down to look at the squirrel's feet more closely, “Yep, see, they are bare, bare, bare!”

  The squirrel looked puzzled for a moment and pulled his right back paw up closer to look at it. “But I'm a squirrel.” he replied.

  The chipmunk was amused by the squirrel's reply, “I know you’re a squirrel. If you were much bigger than me I would have kept running in the fields and never stopped.”

  “But you said my paws are bear,” the squirrel replied.

  “Bare,” the chipmunk corrected.

  “Bear?” the squirrel asked again.

  The chipmunk cracked a half-smile and hung his tiny hands on his hip, “Bare” he said again.

  “But my mother gave them to me, and she’s a squirrel, so, how could I be a bear?” said the squirrel. 

 (buy the book to continue reading)

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